ISAFE Direct AUP allows for a single administrator to create and execute the district wide Acceptable Use Policy process, saving up to 87% of the cost for manual, paper-based processes.

CIPA requires schools to communicate an annual Internet policy plan, commonly referred to as an AUP, before receiving reimbursements for communications services through the E-Rate program.

These documents are often several pages in length, must be signed by a verified adult and the child, returned and then and stored for 10 years in case of audit.

Today, most schools still rely on paper-based AUP processes that are expensive, challenging to execute, inflexible, and open to potential fraud.


ISAFE Direct AUP enables customized AUP plan creation:

  • Simple, prompt driven process. Done in minutes.
  • Use ready-made templates or create your own.
  • Customize plans by school, grade or teacher.
  • Update any time of the year.
  • Insert rich topic relevant videos, in a single click.
  • Digital delivery creates great experience, no paper.


ISAFE Direct AUP facilitates higher certainty of true VPC:

  • Send plans to verified adults from your directory.
  • Publish digitally, and notify parents by mail and text.
  • Parents use a secure portal to review and digitally sign.
  • No personal information is exposed in the process.
  • No classroom time required.
  • Documents are 100% under control at all times.


ISAFE Direct AUP provides real time reporting & validation

  • Progress “report card” by district, school & teacher.
  • Administrator sees parent & child status in real time.
  • Enables quick, targeted follow up.
  • Provides 3rd party validation of completion.


ISAFE Direct removes all the pain of storage and potential audits

  • Documents, compliance validation stored for 10 years.
  • Digital execution means no paper storage, hard costs.
  • Easily searchable.
  • Reports created at any time in case of audit.


ISAFE Direct AUP saves a typical district 86% of their current costs:

  • Do it yourself AUP systems are expensive to create and maintain vs i-SAFE’s service.
  • No staff time is required to update the system, storage is in the cloud, IT staff can focus on new high impact solutions.