Partner Benefits

Solutions Sales

Overcome barriers to sales created by privacy laws & risk management

Strong Partner

Recognized expertise in education & youth market since 1998

Training & Support

Live & packaged training enables sales leadership


Services are secure, scaled, easy to integrate

Increased Profitability

Significantly discounted subscription rates  increase partner margins

Sales Enablement

Professional, white label content supports customer engagement

Partner Requirements


Offers services benefitting from, and complementary to, the ISAFE business

Financially Sound and Ethical

We take great pride in the company we keep

Shared Commitment

Ability to invest in the partnership including sales, marketing & consultancy

Become a Partner

There are many advantages to working with ISAFE Ventures. If you have questions on how to enroll in the ISAFE Enterprises Authorized Reseller Program, or would like to discuss the enrollment process, simply contact ISAFE.