ISAFE Direct VPC enables schools to clearly communicate with parents and guardians about what commercial online sites, services and apps are being used in their child’s education, and to request VPC for their usage.

As schools increase their use of online services, sites and apps, many of these products are provided by commercial companies, and require personal information to provide a good experience and mark student progress.

The challenge is that students may access those programs any time from any device, and many of the providers of educational content also offer purely commercial content a few clicks away.

While schools may exercise an exemption under COPPA to give VPC for educational content, they be unwittingly creating a compliance issue, without giving parents the right to review and consent.

ISAFE Direct VPC enables customized request creation:

  • Simple, prompt driven process. Done in minutes.
  • Use best-practice template, or create your own document.
  • Customize as needed, by school, grade or organization.
  • Update any time as new resources are adopted.
  • Digital delivery creates a great experience to prompt quick action.

ISAFE Direct VPC simplifies parental approval:

  • Send requests to verified adults from your directory.
  • Publish digitally, and notify parents by mail and text.
  • Parents use a secure portal to review and digitally sign.
  • No personal information is exposed in the process.
  • Documents are always under control.

ISAFE Direct VPC provides real time reporting

  • Progress “report card” based on distribution groups.
  • Real time data.
  • Enables quick and targeted follow up.

ISAFE Direct VPC removes all the pain of storing documents

  • Digital execution means no paper storage or hard costs.
  • VPC documentation stored for duration of school year