ISAFE Direct Permission Slip is a turn-key solution that allows for a single administrator or educator to create and execute permissioning for educational and extracurricular activities as needed throughout the year.

Schools frequently seek parental permission for students to participate in field trips, sports or other extracurricular activities. Receiving verified parental consent is critical to district risk mitigation, and COPPA and HIPPA protected information must be guarded in the process. Today, most schools rely on paper-based permissions processes that don’t secure personal information, may be forged, and have long term costs.

Teachers, coaches and faculty advisors need a simple, flexible process to make sure each participating student has the right parental consent, and that they have up to date information to ensure the student’s safety.

ISAFE Direct Permission Slip enables:

  • Simple, prompt driven process to create permission slips for any activity. Done in minutes.
  • Start with ready-made templates or create your own.
  • Customize to your school, grade, teacher and activity.
  • Update any time if details change.
  • No paper required. Digital delivery creates great experience.
  • No classroom time required.

ISAFE Direct Permission Slip facilitates higher certainty of true VPC:

  • Send permission requests to verified adults from your directory.
  • Integrates with ISAFE Direct VPC service.
  • Publish digitally, and notify parents by mail and text.
  • Parents use a secure portal to review and digitally sign.
  • No personal information is exposed in the process.
  • No classroom time required.
  • Documents are 100% under control at all times.

ISAFE Direct Permission Slip provides real time reporting & validation

  • Progress shown by event, school & teacher.
  • Administrator or educator sees parent & child status in real time.
  • Enables quick, targeted follow up.
  • Provides 3rd party validation in case of audit.

ISAFE Direct removes all the pain of storage and potential audits

  • Documents are stored in compliance with COPPA best practices.
  • Digital execution means no paper storage, hard costs.
  • Easily searchable.
  • Reports created at any time in case of audit.

ISAFE Direct Permission Slip saves cost and hassle of document storage:

  • Do it yourself storage of paper-based permissions is an expensive hassle.
  • Creating your own digital permissioning system is expense to create and maintain with limited IT staff.
  • No staff time is required to update the system, storage is in the cloud, IT staff can focus on new high impact solutions.