Declining information technology budgets require schools to think differently about education. Technology has proven to be a dynamic and revolutionary tool for learning. It plays a critical role in the development of personalized learning initiatives, serves as a supplement to teachers’ lectures and lesson plans, and enhances student engagement. Gooru's Learning Navigator uses Open Education Resources (OER) and proprietary technology to assign content, monitor student progress, and facilitate formative assessments to validate student content mastery.

Gooru’s Learning Navigator keeps track of every person’s data who participates in a course to ensure core content is meaningful and beneficial to its users. Students and teachers create user accounts in accordance with privacy laws.  The data that is captured by the system is shared with a student’s teacher and includes metrics for performance and engagement. ISAFE and Gooru disseminate this information to school administrators so they can keep track of student progress in their respective schools.  ISAFE and Gooru are working together to make sure Open Education Resources (OER) are not just valuable in the classroom but also impact the knowledge of today’s youth.