LexisNexis & i-SAFE Simplify COPPA Compliance, Partner to Safeguard Children’s Safety

Each year, school districts and educators seek permissions from parents for a number of activities, ranging from mandatory and often hefty Acceptable Use Policy documents, to field trip and team sport forms. Each of these forms requires Verified Parental Consent (VPC), and is governed by strict COPPA rules, but most districts still rely on paper-based systems which are insecure, inefficient, and disconnected from their school’s directory.

LexisNexis and i-SAFE are combining their strengths to solve these challenges.

First, LexisNexis and i-SAFE are eliminating the weak link in the process by guaranteeing that the verified adult is the one actually giving permissions, and no one else. We do this by triangulating data from school’s registration processes, public records data and social media mining to “bind” parents/guardians and children and enabling us to build a COPPA compliant data base. That data base can be “called” to ensure digital communications are going to the right person, and removes risk of ID theft because personal information no longer needs to be exposed as part of the permissions communication.

Second, i-SAFE offers cloud-based services which enable schools to simply create digital AUP and permissions documents, integrate seamlessly with that COPPA compliant, VPC data base to security deliver the document digitally to verified adults, and then manage signing and storage of those documents. For their part, parents receive a notice by email or text, and then use a secure portal to manage all of their permission requests.

Together, we help schools manage all permission processes more efficiently and with greater certainty. In fact, we have calculated that the typical district will save 86% of their current costs by using the i-SAFE AUP solution.

For more information about the LexisNexis and i-SAFE partnership, read here.

About i-SAFE AUP Cloud Services & Parent Permit:

i-SAFE’s AUP/Parent Permit is an automated, cloud-based, electronic permission/ approval solution which removes long term costs and complexity for schools, and streamlines approval processes for parents who can now electronically receive, sign and return documents. This easy to use solution enables real time tracking for administrators, and secure storage meeting Federal mandates and audit requirements. i-SAFE’s AUP Cloud Services align with the CIPA mandate to develop and disseminate an Internet Safety/Technology Plan.

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